Gel Blaster the new trend exclusively available at Paintball 24

Gel Blaster is the new super trend from America and it is available exclusively at Paintball 24

There is a reason why Paintball 24 is Switzerland’s leading Recreational Centre.

Paintball 24 is the first and only recreational centre in Switzerland to offer Gel Blaster.

If you love Paintball and the challenge of team strategies to eliminate the opposition.

Then you will get a new rush when you try the latest and greatest combat play and hunting game Gel Blaster.

From the Company you already love, Paintball 24 is the first and only Gel Baster Centre in Switzerland.

It has long been known that Paintball 24 has been a leader in the competitive world of Paintball.

Now the brand is shaking things up even more with Gel Blaster

Gel Blaster has been created for the whole family, it is safe and painless and suitable for children from 5 years old.

Epic Battles with Gel Blaster and without the mess.

Feel the surge of adrenaline packed fun with Gel Blaster.

Gel Blaster is a competitive play that is not messy.

An advanced blaster with clean up technology and no mess.

Small organic balls that do not hurt and recommended for children from 5 years old.

Gel Blaster at Paintball 24 is a social game for the very young and old who share a passion for the sport of Paintball without the mess.

Parents come and have great fun with your family and friends with Gel Blasters.

Yes it is combative, but it is an extremely popular family team bonding activity combining teamwork and planning.

It is two teams working together to win battles, and if you have never truly ever tried anything like this before then be ready to experience a life changing and energising moment.

Get off the sofa, put down the controller, and bring those video games to life.

Oh. My. Goodness. Never will you complain about your family sitting all day looking at TV Screens or Playstations again.

Let’s just say this — the look on your family’s face when they play Gel Blaster will be priceless. 

Check out the range of games and field types, all fully coordinated by our professional staff.

Experience the Indoor Playing Field with a City theme and outdoor playing fields with a helicopter and cargo container are incredibly fun and energising.

Great for the whole family and the only place in Switzerland to enjoy Gel Blaster.

If you do not have the equipment do not worry as we have everything ready for you here to use during your games.

Plus we have a Restaurant that specialises in themed birthdays and other special events. 

Ready for action! Become a hero! Book a game online today or call 055 615 19 74.